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Biowent Medical Products

The importance of medical products is at a vital point today. In order to prevent the epidemic from spreading and preventing the epidemic, especially against the Covid -19 virus, which affects the world, World Health Organization experts stated that the use of masks is necessary. We also mark the Biowent brand; Diferro Makina / Mehmet SELBES, Reference Furniture (Bürotime Dealer) / Enes UĞUR, Özpa Saat (Tepesaat) / Ozan ÖZGÖREN and Zenowa / Özgür KAPUCUOĞLU, we have created products and necessary machines by establishing expert staff, we have developed a hundred percent domestic and national We started production. Our company, which has all the certificates, especially the CE certificate accepted by the world in terms of health, produces medical products by giving maximum value to human health.

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