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World Health Organization experts have said that the use of masks is necessary for the spread and rapid prevention of the epidemic against the Covid-19 virus that surrounds the world. We, as Biowent, have established and developed staff who are experts in their field, and have implemented it by making 100% domestic and national production.

  • 50 adet Meltblown Mask (Spunbond-Meltblown-Spunbond)
  • 50 adet Meltblown Mask (Spunbond-Meltblown-Spunbond)

How to use

While attaching or removing the disposable paint product, hold only the string without touching all areas on the mask surface.

Cinque Terre


Three layers disposable Easy breathing Antibacterial inner filter Made of non-woven fabric Round elastic and tubular stitched Perfectly fits the face thanks to its stretch lines and smoothness. No fiberglass.


Using Masks

The mask should completely cover the mouth, chin and nose. It will be more correct to use the metal on the upper part of the surgical masks by shaping them according to the nose.

It is wrong to use a mask with the nose out. While the mask is removed, touching the middle of it and removing it also infects the virus. Therefore, the mask should be removed from the part where the threads are and discarded.

Ways of Protection

Ways of protection from the corona (Covid-19) virus are possible with individual measures. In particular, people should pay attention to their own hygiene and the hygiene of those around them, as well as avoid contact with people who are not in public areas.

Effects of the Virus in the World

The number of patients with certainty proven is 78196 all over the world as of 26.02.2020. 30078 of these people recovered, 2718 of them died. At this point, the number is updated with new cases.